Dave Haynes

Innovation In Sound

On smart listening, hearables and voice

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Earlier this year, I wrote a post about being bullish on audio, specifically about a new renaissance in podcast and audio consumption. Since then we've seen that trend continue and made an investment in Opinion, the 'Medium for Podcasts'.

But I'm even more . . .

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September 01, 2015

Running an effective startup offsite

people, plans and the big picture

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I'm always surprised when I speak to startups who shy away from taking time out for offsites. It seems that there can be a stigma around any sort of lengthy planning meeting, let alone one that might last two days. If you previously worked at a large organisation you may well . . .

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January 22, 2015

Binge Listening

Is another golden age of audio possible?

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I’m bullish on audio. And when I say audio, I mean the medium of spoken audio; recorded and delivered over the internet. It would be simpler to talk about podcasting, but to do so would be to dwell on the past instead of to speculate on the future. I’ve always looked forward to . . .

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January 04, 2015

2014 was about planting new seeds

A year of deliberate journeys and planned outages

2013 was a crazy year for me. 2014 was a lot calmer. It was about broadening my horizons and planting new seeds. Less of the old, more of the new. Less stress, more restoration. Less anxiety, more repose. Less travel, more deliberate journeys. I cut my travel by more than half -- 24 flights with 55 days out of the country, compared to 58 . . .

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December 28, 2014

5 reasons to seek a co-founder

why sometimes a sole founder is just not enough...

Applications are now open for Seedcamp Week London in February, and so we hosted a 'Meet & Greet' at Campus this week. Over 100 founders showed up to learn more about Seedcamp, what we do and how to apply. There were a few questions that I was asked more than any other. Do you invest in hardware/IoT? How much traction do I need to . . .

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December 17, 2014

My fireside chat with Fred Wilson

and a resolution to start blogging again

Two weeks ago was my first Seedcamp Week as a fully-fledged member of the Seedcamp team. Despite the cold weather I was really looking forward to spending three days in Berlin with twenty new startups across Seedprep, Investor Day and Mentor Day. It was strange being back in Germany's startup capital, but not going into the SoundCloud . . .

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December 14, 2014

Making A Shift

a.k.a what I'm doing next

Back in January I announced on this blog that after 5 amazing years I would be leaving SoundCloud. It took me a long time to write that post, but I'm glad I did and should say a big thank you to everyone who gave me positive feedback about it. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but a few months in it still . . .

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May 02, 2014